Hair Removal Myths Busted

Taking the ache out of hair removal appears to be one of many high priorities throughout the magnificence business, with long-lasting outcomes and pain-free being the specified end result. Nevertheless, with all of the merchandise and various kinds of hair removal strategies on the cabinets, it may be laborious to know what to make use of, what works greatest on what areas and what the unfavourable unintended effects are.

That is the place many hair removal myths are available. These myths are pretty ingrained into the business — each skilled and people who do their very own — with many individuals nonetheless believing age-old myths and previous wives tales in terms of eradicating undesirable hair. So right here we’ve listed among the most typical myths and defined precisely what it’s it’s essential know.

Hair Grows Again Thicker When You Shave — FALSE IPL Permanent Hair Removal – 500,000 Flashes B07S95DLV7

Probably the most frequent hair removal myths, it’s merely a fable that an individual hair will develop again thicker in the event that they shave. Once you shave, you might be merely chopping the hair again right down to the extent of the pores and skin; you aren’t affecting the expansion construction in any respect which all happens beneath the pores and skin. What occurs if you shave is that the hair is lower at a blunt angle, so when it does start to regrow it’s going to have a sharper edge, making it extra seen to the attention and seemingly thicker. Nevertheless nothing determines how thick hair will develop besides genes and hormones.

A Single Laser Remedy Completely Removes Hair — FALSE

Whereas laser hair removal remedies are definitely efficient, they’re not at all THAT efficient! On common, it’s going to take from between 4 to seven periods of laser remedy to have round an 80 per cent general physique hair removal success fee. Figuring out elements are the darkness and thickness of the person’s physique hair and the way typically they’ve their laser hair remedies executed.

One Laser Hair Removal Course is Full No Extra Hair Ever — FALSE

Upon getting accomplished your allotted laser hair removal remedy course, this will not essentially be the tip of your hair eradicating days as typically annual high up periods are required.

Shaving Leads to In-Grown Hairs — TRUE

Whereas it’s true that in-grown hairs can happen from shaving, it’s extra when shaving isn’t carried out correctly that this could happen. That means it may be simply prevented with just a few easy and simple steps.

Exfoliation is king – that is true of all hair removal processes however particularly shaving, it means you’ll get rid of the construct up of pores and skin cells for the hair to get trapped beneath.
Attempt to not push down too laborious or pull the pores and skin as will lower the hair too low which can trigger it to develop beneath the highest layers of pores and skin
Shave in opposition to the grain or the path the hair grows

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